Support for Membership

Advantages of Members

Common for members (Executives,
Regular, and Associate companies)

  • Opportunities to participate in managing the association such as KVRF and in sponsoring events
  • Opportunities to participate in various events like Biz-matching Day, Networking Day, etc
  • Collect feedbacks on challenges in the VR industry and recommend policies
  • Support for promotion and marketing of major VR products and technologies
  • Networking between agencies like the Ministry of Science and ICT, NIPA, and IITP
  • Guidelines of the funding process between the financial industry and VR companies
  • Information on the VR market, technical trends, statistical data, white papers, etc
  • Support for VR businesses in cooperation with other interested agencies
  • Opportunities to invest in VR companies, VC, and other investors


  • icon Policy Suggestion
    and Benefits for
    Member Companies
    • Policy development and proposals to the government based on collected feedback on challenges among member countries
    • Advantages for participants in various VR-related seminars, hearings, conferences, etc
    • Support for education programs customized for member companies in such areas as VR, AR, and MR
    • Advantages for participants in independent developer contests, etc
    • Opportunities to participate in member company conferences
  • icon Support for
    Business Activity
    • Support for business networking with other member companies, governmental agencies, etc
    • Opportunities to participate in joint projects between member companies and the VR industry
  • icon Support for
    committee activity
    and other
    specialized projects
    • Support for participation in committee activities for each area: technology, policy, business, external cooperation, and education
    • Opportunities to participate in conferences for member companies in various areas
  • icon Information on the
    latest domestic and
    foreign VR policies,
    technical trends, etc
    • Latest domestic and foreign policy/industry/technical trends
    • Information on the latest issues and trends including statistics, reports, and issue updates
    • Domestic and foreign VR industry information sharing and e-mailing service on for member companies
  • icon Support for
    Development Activity
    • Support for independent developers/small companies’ technical development, commercialization, etc
    • Various consulting services such as content planning, analysis of effects on human bodies, elemental technology, etc
    • Technical education for experts in the area of content development and service
    • Free short-term lectures on VR practical technologies for member companies
    • Business support through domestic and foreign expert networking (college professors, research centers, technical experts, etc.)
    • Reflecting member companies’ feedback in preparing or revising VR-related guidelines
    • Providing opportunities to participate in international standardization of domestic VR technologies and supporting related activities
  • icon Support for
    Marketing and
    Advancement into
    Overseas Markets
    • Formation of Korea VR Industry Section in overseas exhibitions to promote participation
    • Advancement into foreign markets such as China, Japan, Europe, and the U.S.
  • icon Advisory service
    on legal aspects,
    support for company
    promotion, etc.
    • Free promotion of member companies through association publications
    • Support for marketing of members’ products, contents, and services
    • Support for member companies’ recruitment