this is
Soojung Shin

I would like to express gratitude to everyone visiting the website of
Korea VR·AR Industry Association.
In order to become a communication channel for the government, VR·AR industry, and academic circles, Korea VR·AR Industry Association has conducted various projects since its foundation in 2015 based on the 4 major long-term missions below.

  • Center of VR·AR Business
  • VR·AR Global Information Hub
  • VR·AR Cutting-Edge Academy
  • VR·AR Research Control Tower
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Center of VR·AR Business

First of all, the association holds its ‘Korea VR·AR Festival,’
one of Asia’s best VR·AR festivals, with Sangam Digital Media City
as the base in order to promote VR·AR. It is also taking the lead
informing VR·AR clusters in order to realize unity and networking among VR·AR enterprises.

Center of VR·AR Business
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VR·AR Global Information Hub

Efforts are put forth into ascertaining the current state
of VR·AR industries, home and abroad, and collecting VR·AR
information by publishing VR·AR industrial white paper that
present VR·AR statistics and general information about the
industry as well as supporting global events where VR·AR
enterprises can interact with one another around the globe.

VR·AR Cutting-Edge Academy
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VR·AR Cutting-Edge Academy

In recognition of the importance of ‘training professional
human resources,’ which is a prerequisite for industrial
advancement, the association seeks to lead the VR·AR eco-system by continually cultivating people of talent.

VR·AR Global Information Hub
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VR·AR Research Control Tower

The association also conducts various activities
to establish a cooperative system for each CPND through
which the VR·AR industry can grasp various technical problems
and legal aspects and also collect feedback for improvement.

VR·AR Research Control Tower

We'll be the leader of virtual augmented reality!

The association is certain that VR·AR is the very future and core industry of Korea.
As Korea has accumulated a wealth of experience in forming ICT infrastructure and Korean Wave contents,
it is the best region where the VR·AR industry can be utilized.

As many global companies quickly move to preoccupy VR·AR markets that are emerging,
this might be the first and last opportunity for us.
We will spare no effort to seize this opportunity and make the association become a leading VR·AR organization in the world.

We look forward to your continued interest and support.

Thank you very much.

Korea VR·AR Industry Association Chairman, Soojung Shin