Center of VR·AR Business

Global Events

Global VR·AR Theme Park events at Sangam DMC

  • Project

    • Hold global events of state-of-the-art VR·AR technologies at Sangam DMC
    • Make DMC a 'VR·AR Global Center' and 'Strategic center' for events
    • Maximize synergistic effects through diverse companies in the VR·AR industry
    • Demonstrate Korea is the leader of the global VR·AR market and VR·AR eco-system
  • Major

    • VR·AR Theme Park :Themes are game, national defense, sports, medical service, education, and more
    • Conference :Keynote speeches and presentations by leaders in global VR·AR market
    • Seminar/Forum :Forums and technical seminars by global experts in the VR·AR industry
    • Global Contest :Game contests with VR·AR independent developers and participants
    • Biz-Matching :Networking events for VR·AR companies, VC, and Financial banks

VR·AR Industry Promotion

Collection of feedback, operation of free test rooms/permanent exhibition halls, promotion of developer communities

  • Project

    • VR·AR Infrastructure Formation :Establish and promotion for DMC to be a center of industry
    • Support Promotion :Provide VR·AR R&D research and assist promotion
    • VR·AR Industry Integration :Integrate by providing VR·AR equipments, resources, and etc
  • Major

    • Collecting Feedback :Mentoring and suggestions by experts feedback analysis
    • Free Test Room :Providing testbeds for developers and start-ups
    • Permanent Exhibition Hall :A center of promotion of the latest VR·AR products and services
    • Developer Community Promotion :VR·AR developer networking and platform
    • Certification/Standardization :VR·AR guideline development and standardization